25th July, 2024
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Trigger Point Pilates

Welcome to Trigger Point Pilates™

A Trigger Point Pilates™ class combines Pilates’ core moves and applies clinical Myofascial principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions. The class is designed to release tight muscles and enhance functional daily movement, and restructure the body. This class attracts everyone from the elite fit to the post rehab. Fascia restrictions occur in everyone, whatever their age, activity, or level of fitness. Equipment is used to release and realign the body which you can buy from your instructor to exercise at home.

General Trigger Point Pilates Class Information

TPP release is ideal for everyone, however fit, and effective for pre and post-surgery, after your Physio check. Many of the exercises you can do at home to gain constant benefits of fascia release.

Wear comfortable clothing that is not too tight to move in and please wear socks in the studio.

In class or after class you may experience some of the following:-

  • Working on equipment you can feel discomfort/ burning/ cracking/ popping/a tearing feeling. These are only temporary while the fascia is being released. As the fascia releases using your body weight you are slowly working deeper and deeper on certain areas on your body.
  • If you have any sharp, shooting, electric nerve pain, this is a sign that something is wrong. Please inform us immediately.
  • After class you may feel extremely relaxed, body lengthened and your joints released. A sense of feeling taller. You may notice a sudden burst of energy as your body is working more efficiently. Just do as you feel but do not go crazy as your body is adjusting.
  • You could feel that you just want to rest and sleep, listen to your body as this is a healing time. You may notice mild discomfort from headaches to sweating to the body getting hot. Again, this is a reaction to the fascia releasing.
  • You may notice a mood change. As feel good factor hormones have been released in your system but you can be a bit sensitive. If this is the case make time for yourself to do deep breathing.
  • You may notice a change in your appetite and start craving foods that your body is lacking nutritionally. Listen to your body, feed it foods that are going to assist with healing and cellular regeneration.
  • You can feel headachy or a deep ache due to the body re-structuring itself and toxins being released via your lymphatic/nervous system. This will pass just keep well hydrated.

How often should you do a class?

It is a good idea to do two to three Trigger Point Pilates classes a week. Plus you can exercise daily at home with the right equipment. You can buy equipment directly from us for home use.

The class will actually prepare your body and warm you up to do more strenuous exercise such as dance, running, tennis, cycling etc.